The people’s bank of trust


UNION BANK OF CAMEROON PLC is a Commercial Bank that was licensed by the monetary authority in 1999 to carry out the business of a commercial bank. The bank officially opened its doors on the 03rd of January 2000.

The first cooperative bank (Credit Union) was created in 1963 by a Dutch missionary in the North West Province. In 1968, the cooperative credit union movement was reorganized into an umbrella organization: the Cameroon Cooperative Credit Union League Limited (CamCCULL), with more than 150 affiliated cooperative funds, some 200,000 small savers and assets of around 37 billion FCFA, CamCCULL spurred the creation of its own bank, the Union Bank of Cameroon PLC. With technical assistance from the Rabobank Foundation (Dutch Cooperative).

Since its creation, UBC has shared its ownership between Cameroonian and foreign private investors at the rate of 46% Cameroonian shares for 54% foreign shares and since December 2021, the Cameroonian state has entered the capital with 54%, leaving the remaining 46% to Cameroonian investors, notably CamCCULL.

UNION BANK OF CAMEROON PLC currently operates with 08 branches in 05 regions of Cameroon, namely the center, the littoral, the south west, the north west and the west region.

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