How do I open a salary account?


To open a salary account, just head to the nearest UBC’s branch around your area with:

  1. Photocopy of Valid National ID card/passport/Temporal ID card
  2. Two 4*4 size photos
  3. Unique identification number
  4. Detailed and precised residence sketch map for localization
  5. Copy of utility bill (ENEO, CAMWATER, CAMTEL, dated within 3 months) or any proof of residence
  6. Justification of revenue (pay slip, debt clearance certificate, tax returns, receipt of purchase of goods etc) dated within 3 months
  7. Minimum initial deposit 0 FCFA

For non-residents

  1. Valid identity documents (passport, residence permit)
  2. Administrative documents proving their foreign address
  3. Location plan + statement of honor.

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