ATM cards

Trust saphir digital card

Made to allow you settle some of your needs through purchases, withdrawals in all CEMAC banks members of GIMAC. The life span is two years and its issued 10 days after request illegible  for both withdrawals and payment.

Costs related to the various services

Fees /Commissions TRUST SILVER
(without tax) (FCFA)
Yearly subscription fee 9.000
Renewal fee 8.000
PIN code Recomputation 3.000
Card Replacement fee 9.000
Opposition fee 2.500
Relocation of card / PIN code to another UBC Branch (prior to customer request) 4.000
Additional account in the card (prior to customer request) 4.500
Amendment on withdrawal limits
Mini statement print out ON-US 200
Interbank Withdrawal commission 400
Interbank Accounts balance request 100
PIN code reset FREE
Account balance request ON-US FREE
Withdrawal ON-US FREE


With the Trust silver card you can withdraw up to 250.000FCFA and a Mininum amount of 5000 FCFA Daily

Services Max withdrawal (daily) Max withdrawal (weekly)
Withdrawal Highest:500.000FCFA Highest:1.300.000FCFA
Min:5.000FCFA Min:5.000FCFA
N° of withdrawal: unlimited N° of withdrawal: unlimited

About US

UNION BANK OF CAMEROON PLC is a Commercial Bank that was licensed by the monetary authority in 1999 to carry out the business of a commercial bank. UBCs 11 branches cover five regions in Cameroon, with 4 in Douala, 2 in Yaounde and 1 each in Limbe, Kumba, Kumbo, Bafoussam; its registered head office is in Bamenda. Read More