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Online Banking
UBC “OTAS” (Online Transaction Alert Service)

UBC “OTAS” is ideal for customers to stay online real time as it enables clients to:

  • View and print all account transactions wherever and whenever he like
  • View account activities including unclear effects
  • Reports exact picture of account at all times

NB: OTAS services are limited to viewing and printing only

For further information, kindly talk to your account related officer or send a mail to

About US

UNION BANK OF CAMEROON PLC is a Commercial Bank that was licensed by the monetary authority in 1999 to carry out the business of a commercial bank. UBCs 11 branches cover five regions in Cameroon, with 4 in Douala, 2 in Yaounde and 1 each in Limbe, Kumba, Kumbo, Bafoussam; its registered head office is in Bamenda. Read More